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SNOW-POCALYPSE: Friendship never melts

8 Dec - 30 Dec 2017

A Wild and Wacky Winter Show for 4+ years


The last two people in the World...

Find the last book in the World…

And it’s a book all about something called ‘Christmas’...


Trilby and The-Boot have never had a winter, or a snow ball fight, or even a pig in a blanket.

What they do have, is each other and maybe, just maybe, that is enough...


Follow our two hapless heroes as they try to discover what this Crimbo-thing is really all about - ‘What are presents?’ ‘What is the point of tinsel?’ and (most importantly) ‘Will it snow?’


With silliness, light-up antlers and a whole lot of snow, our two unlikely heroes create a wintery wonderland -  in a world where anything can be made from the scraps left behind and magic and mayhem is around every corner.


Come and take a sideways look at what really makes the Wintertime fun with SharkLegs’s latest adventure for all the family. You can help our heroes make their very first Winter in this odd-ball escapade through all things Frosty.  


Are you dreaming of a White Snow-pocalypsmas?



Before the show, everyone can join us to discover the treasures hidden in the things we discard. In this interactive crafting workshop you will make something that will be used in the actual performance THAT VERY DAY! After the show, take what you made home for your own crafty Christmas.

Presented by: Sharklegs
Suitable for ages: 4+
Performance times: Mon 11am & 2pm, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 11am, Sun 10.30am (Sat 23 & Sat 30, 10.30am)
Ticket prices: £13.50, Children £8.50 (£12.50 & £7.50 ticket plus £1 booking fee)
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