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The Enormous Turnip

10 Feb 2018

One dark winter's night, a young girl called Rosie dreams of carving a lantern from a turnip, for a special Festival of Light in her village.

First she must plant a seed, and wait patiently for her turnip to grow. When it's harvest time at last, Cow, Goat, Fox and Duck are keen to help Rosie pull up the enormous turnip, but the question is…. can they do it in time for the festival ??

Finally, after plenty of heaving, tons of tugging and generally getting rather out of breath, Rosie learns of a magical secret hidden deep below the earth that will help her to achieve her enormous turnip dream.

One Moment In Time presents their own version of this classic folk tale, with a magical twist. Featuring beautifully hand-crafted puppets and sets, storytelling, live music, songs and lots of joining in!

"The show was completely magical and the puppetry was exquisite. The children were hooked from the outset – it was really great to see them interacting with the action on stage." - Samantha Lane, Artistic Director, Little Angel Theatre

“Absolutely stunning and I'm sure the children will remember it forever - it was magical!” - Kate Orange, Head teacher, The Children’s House School, Islington

Presented by: One Moment In Time Theatre Company
Suitable for ages: 3-8 years old
Performance times: 12pm, 2pm, 3.30pm
Ticket prices: £11 Children £8.50
Both with A Necklace of Raindrops and see both shows for £13 for Children, £18 for Adults
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