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Zoo Co and the Return of Sirens

30th May, 2019

When three Greek women defy the want of Zeus and are cursed with a deadly voice, the famous myth of the Sirens is born. We caught up with Zoo Co on their upcoming production of Sirens.


Who are ZooCo and where are you based?

Hello! I'm Ros and I'm the producer for Zoo Co - we're a theatre company based in Croydon! We create mainstream theatre but every show is relaxed. This show which is called Sirens is accessible to d/Deaf and hearing people, is creatively captioned and has integrated BSL and a d/Deaf and hearing cast. 


When did you start performing together? What's the best thing about being in ZooCo? What's the worst thing about being in ZooCo? 

Zoo started in 2013 but four us started acting when we were 11 because we're school friends! The best thing about Zoo Co for me is that I love acting with my friends and that I love producing! Really it's the best job in the world. The worst thing is there's not enough money!


How many D/deaf or HoH actors are there in ZooCo? Have you all learnt BSL? Do all your performances incorporate sign language?

Zoo Co work with loads of different hearing and deaf actors for example Sirens has one deaf actor. Our other show Messy has a deaf and hearing cast. The whole of Zoo Co’s team now signs after we all learnt together last year! All our performances of Sirens have integrated BSL with captioning performed by d/Deaf and hearing cast!


What advice you would give to a Deaf person wanting to get into acting. 

(This question was answered by William Grint who plays Jake and won the Best Actor award at Clin d'Oeil Festival and was nominated for Best Actor at Deaffest) My advice for any deaf people wanting to get into acting is to go for it! Don't let anyone tell you that you can't because you can. Being deaf or disabled is not a barrier. Go to workshops and auditions, meet people, network. For example, look up Deaffest [The UK's leading Deaf Film & Arts Festival] Deafinitely Theatre and Graeae (both London Theatre companies!) who run workshops where you can develop your skills!


What are ZooCo plans for the future? How can we find out more about ZooCo?

We have lots of plans for the future! Firstly, we want to tour Sirens again. We also want to keep creating accessible theatre all over the world. You can look at our website 


Sirens will be at Greenwich Theatre from the 20th - 23rd June. Find out more and book your tickets here!