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10th August, 2018

As a movement director, how do you turn a human into an animal? Are there tricks of the trade?

Well, we go back to the truth of how the animal moves - where it has most weight, what part of the body it leads by, how it behaves when it’s looking for food or avoiding danger and then we go from there.

What’s the hardest animal for an actor to embody?

I think the wolves have been the trickiest - but actually snakes are hard because all the other animals have limbs!

What animal are you most like? 

I would say a young dog - not quite a puppy (I’m not that young) but I am generally fairly sociable, enthusiastic and I like treats

If you were lost in the jungle, would you survive? Which animals would you make friends with?

Umm I used to watch a LOT of Ray Mears so if I can remember the important things, I would. I would make friends with anything that didn’t regard me as dinner!

What message do you take from the story of The Jungle Book?

That you mustn’t fear what you don’t know

What else are you working on at the moment?

I am directing a large choral movement and song cycle called Earth Makes No Sound which is at the Place Theatre on 18th August at 7.55pm as part of Tête  à Tête: The Opera Festival.