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Meet Kandaka Moore

4th August, 2018

Who do you play in the show? 
Tabaqui the jackal & one of the Monkeys - and I play the drums pretty much throughout the show as well.

Tell us a bit about your favourite character. Are they like you at all?
My favourite character would have to be Tabaqui. The mischievous cheeky trickster who is never really up to any good and always seems to be in the midst of the daily conflicts running rife throughout the jungle. Tabaqui  has a desire to be recognised, she yearns for a feeling of importance. I don't really think that I'm like Tabaqui though.

Did you know the story before starting rehearsal?
Yes but not from start to finish in detail. 

What does music add to this production? 
The music really adds the spirit of the Jungle to this production. The Djembe drum completely compliments the style of this piece and creates an animalistic atmosphere.

How is the show different to the Disney animated film?
To be honest I haven't watched the Disney film in years, not even sure if I ever finished it, but the adaptation that we are doing has a darker streak to it and we chant the songs rather than sing them. 

If you were lost in the jungle, would you survive?
Ermmmm... I'd hope so! 

Can you tell us a little bit about what you've done before? Have you ever had to play an animal?
Well I made my debut last year at the Globe Theatre in Twelfth Night which was an absolute dream and then went on to be in Nike's Iconic Londoner commercial. I actually played a monkey and understudied a kangaroo in Suessical the musical in my second year at Drama school.

What message do you take away from the story of The Jungle Book?
You have to confront your fears in order to conquer them.