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Meet David Hubball

30th July, 2018

Who do you play in the show? Tell us a bit about your favourite character. Are they like you at all?

I play Bagheera, Shere Khan, Father Wolf, a monkey and a villager.

I would have to say my favourite character is Bagheera as he is kind, wise and graceful. As quite a clumsy person I am probably more like Baloo than the elegant Bagheera! 


Shere Khan and Bagheera are obviously both big cats - how do you distinguish between them?

At first it was quite tricky in terms of movement as both are quite similar so I examined their world views, which are both completely different. This helped to shape the characters both mentally and physically.

In terms of size the tiger is the larger animal and therefore walks with a lot more weight. I focused on how much power a tiger has in it’s shoulders and how that would affect my gait. Bagheera, being the smaller of the two, is a lot more spritely.


How difficult is it to get past the Disney version of the story? How will this show be different to reading the book or watching one of the many film versions?

It can be quite difficult avoiding the Disney’s version as it is so iconic. However, once I’d found out I had been cast in Greenwich Theatre’s production I made sure I avoided the Disney cartoon.

I read ‘The Jungle Book’, in order to see what I could glean from Rudyard Kipling’s original. That coupled with reading our production’s script enabled me to have a clearer view of what we are trying to achieve.

I believe that our production is darker than the Disney cartoon and doesn’t shy away from the violence of the jungle. I think it is a lot more present than Kipling’s book which was written when the British Empire ruled India. But essentially it still has the heart and the coming of age tale that all lovers of The Jungle Book will recognise. 


If you were lost in the jungle, would you survive?

I think I would need to watch a bit more Bear Gyrlls in order to be confident to say yes! 


Can you tell us a little bit about what you've done before? Have you ever had to play an animal?

I trained at Guildford School of Acting and graduated from there in 2016. Since then I’ve gone from performing A Christmas Carol in France and Germany to being filmed as a monk in a monastery in Malvern, so it has certainly been quite varied!

I have played an animal once before. I played Mr Badger in a 2015 production of ‘The Wind in the Willows’. In that production I had to wear a fat suit, pyjamas, dressing gown and a fake moustache. It was in the middle of summer. It was very hot.


What message do you take away from the story of The Jungle Book?

The Jungle Book carries many messages but I believe the most important is about family and the bonds that you have regardless of blood relations. It’s about belonging to something and finding happiness and peace in where you call home, wherever that may be.