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Meet Antonia Elson

5th June, 2018

Antonia Elson is currently preparing to play Mowgli in our forthcoming summer production of The Jungle Book...


Did you know the story before starting rehearsal?

Yes, although it was not this version of the story.


If you were lost in the jungle, would you survive? Which animal would you make friends with?

I would survive. I would make friends with the monkeys because they are very clever and they would be able to keep me high above ground and away from danger. I would learn how to bargain for food and to move through the trees super quick.


How are you preparing for the show? Is it very physical?

I have been reading the script over and over and just playing with Mowgli’s age while reading because there is always something new to be discovered on his journey from toddler to young man. 

The show is very physical especially for the actors playing the animals.  We are in the jungle so we are playing with different levels and speeds using so much of our bodies and the space combined.


Can you tell us a little bit about what you’ve done before?

Earlier this year I was in the significant other festival, Reseal9 with the Pensive Federation at the Vaults. The play was set in the 80s there was lots of big hair and shoulder pads! 


What message do you take away from the story of The Jungle Book? 

There are so many messages to take away from this story. One I like in particular is the message of accepting difference. We have Mowgli in the jungle who has been welcomed into the wolf pack, whose two great mentors are a bear and a panther, and who is kidnapped by monkeys because they want to learn how to be as excellent as they believe he is.

He is so physically and visibly different from everyone in the jungle but they absolutely fall in love with the person he is, not because of what he looks like or what he can do. 


The Jungle Book plays from 15-26 August at Greenwich Theatre before transferring to Stantonbury Theatre in Milton Keynes. Find out more and book here.