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Family Theatre



Our declaration

Greenwich Theatre offers a range of shows and activities throughout the year which are designed to be high quality, exciting and accessible for family audiences. When you engage with Greenwich Theatre, either in our venue, on tour or in an outdoor or site specific setting, we strive to ensure that every aspect of the experience is appropriate for a family audience.

We always welcome feedback on any aspect of our work. To let us know about your experience with us, email our Artistic & Executive Director, James Haddrell, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or seek out a member of staff during your next visit.

Into The West [Bathway Theatre, Woolwich]


Sat 28 May 2016

She came from the land under the sea. A place where it is always summer, and no-one grows old. She came in the night, when the sea was calm and the breeze was soft. I heard her. I drifted out of sleep and heard the hooves, pounding up through the surf and onto the hard sand. They say a white horse is from the fairy folk, and a black horse brings death. I made the sign of the cross in the darkness and waited... listened...


Light Show [Tramshed, Woolwich]


Wed 1 June 2016

In this unique show for young people on the autism spectrum, Oily Cart invites you into a magical paper palace, where the sensory delights of nature unfold to provide the audience with a fully immersive experience.


SPOT [Tramshed, Woolwich]


Thu 2 June 2016

Enter a magical world of light, sound and movement. In this charming show from Italy for younger children, SPOT is a friendly and endearing stage light who loves to tell stories.


Jessie and the Cloud Machine [Tramshed, Woolwich]


Fri 3 June 2016

JESSIE AND THE CLOUD MACHINE is the story of a little girl who lives up in the clouds, and her struggle against the great machine that comes to take all the clouds away.


Pitschi the Kitten With Dreams [Tramshed, Woolwich]


Sun 4 June 2016

Pitschi lives with her cat family, Grandma Lisette and a dog called Bello on a farm high up in the Swiss Alps. She doesn’t much care for the rough and tumble and mischievous fun of kitten play and dreams of being something else – a chicken, perhaps, or a goat, or a bunny - for after all, for Pitschi, anything is better than being a cat!


Peter Pan

rrh web   

Fri 18 November 2016 - Sun 8 January 2017



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