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Beadledom α & Beadledom Ω


3-27 August 2017

A new pair of shows from Familia de la Noche. Set in Beadledom, an infinite office block and the headquarters of the Universe, Familia have created a pair of shows - α and Ω - that explore what makes humans tick. What makes the difference between a brilliant flash of life and a dull flicker?

The Beadledoms are twins, but they are not identical. They are designed to be viewed individually but also jigsaw together to make a giant, glorious, messy, sad, happy, beautiful story - a bit like life.

Beadledom α: Follows the story of Max (Edward Cartwright - ITV/Les Enfants Terribles/National Geographic), a Beadledom administrator on α-shift as he toils away populating the universe with life. Until a catastrophic cosmos malfunction leaves Max facing the biggest system reset of all time.

Beadledom Ω: Follows the story of Deborah (Dott Cotton - Les Enfants Terribles/London Hippodrome), a Beadledom administrator on Ω-shift as she slogs away removing life from the universe. But she is obsessed with life, she longs to create one. Maybe today is her lucky day.

Presented by: Familia de la Noche, supported by Greenwich Theatre
Beadledom (α) plays on even dates, Beadledom (Ω) plays on odd dates 
Venue: Underbelly Cowgate, 66 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1JX
Performance time: 2.50pm (1hr)

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