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Familia de la Noche

broken leg
Familia de la Noche is a breakout theatre company looking to craft something new out of the accepted conventions of theatre.

A Pandora ’s Box of actors, clowns, designers, puppeteers and musicians we have sworn a solemn oath to create shows that are brilliant, funny affecting devastating charming and racusly entertaining with a contagious spirit and a lust for life.

broken leg broken leg broken leg 
Familia de la Noche have a wealth of experienced ‘Walkabout’ and event performers. We have directed and managed events and interactive performance for The Vaults, Lost Lectures, Shuffle Festival, Wales Millenium Center, Secret Garden Party, Glastonbury Festival and The National Eisteddfod.  
Flawless and Amusing, Terrifying and Twisted
Three Weeks

Familia de la Noche are passionate about theatre and the change it can make in young people's lives. The company has worked in schools and theatres across the UK helping children and young people from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and abilities right up to degree level at Royal Welsh College. Click [here] for more information on the company's education work.

Every now and then, you come across a play that seems to ignore the lines between children’s and adults’ theatre, comedy and tragedy, circus act and bare monologue to convey the sublime itself. Familia de la Noche’s The Greatest Liar in All the World is not that play. It’s funnier.
The Skinny

The company can be seen performing The Greatest Liar In All The World at the Brighton Fringe on 30 May, 1, 3 & 4 June, with a special one-off performance here at Greenwich Theatre on 31 May. This August the company is set to premiere two new interlinked productions at the Edinburgh Fringe. More information to follow.

website: www.familiadelanoche.com

twitter: @FamiliaDeLaNoch

facebook: FamiliaDeLaNoche



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