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The Rap Guide To Evolution

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Mon 26 April 2010

After a successful two night run of The Rebel Cell  in January, Canadian actor and rap artist Baba Brinkman makes a welcome return to Greenwich Theatre with his latest solo show, The Rap Guide To Evolution.

Brinkman is best known for his award winning one-man show The Rap Canterbury Tales, which has delighted audiences around the world since 2004, sparking renewed interest in the work of Geoffrey Chaucer. In 2008 Dr. Mark Pallen, author of The Rough Guide to Evolution, asked him if he would “do for Darwin what he had done for Chaucer” - and he happily took up the challenge.

The Rap Guide to Evolution explores the history and current understanding of Darwin’s theory, combining hilarious remixes of popular rap songs with clever lyrical storytelling that covers Natural Selection, Sexual Selection, Evolutionary Psychology, and much more. The show offers a unique, laugh-out-loud comedy experience that engages directly with challenging questions about cultural evolution, asking the audience to imagine themselves as the environment and the performer as an organism undergoing a form of live adaptation.

Brilliantly conceived and effervescently performed…not only is it factually correct, it’s also dazzlingly intelligent…after seeing this show, you'll never look at a hip-hop music video in the same way again!
4 stars: The Scotsman
One of the world’s great intelligent rappers... what Baba does is amazing – his knowledge of rap genres and styles is encyclopaedic…a flash of verbal fireworks!
4 stars: BroadwayBaby.com
sometimes sly, often hilarious, and always smart and thought-provoking, Brinkman married the fast, complex, literate delivery of Eminem with the evolutionary expertise and confrontational manner of Dawkins…Scientists, science teachers, and anyone evolution has provided with an open mind and a hint of musical rhythm should rush out to see this show
Science Magazine, Cambridge


Produced by:SPL Productions
Written and performed by:Baba Brinkman
Performance Time:7.30pm

All tickets: £10
Concessions: £2.50 off


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